Ask Beau: Are You Sick and Tired of Not Getting Anywhere?

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Ask Beau: Are You Sick and Tired of Not Getting Anywhere? It’s Time To Do The Work!

I’m forty-years old, 30 pounds overweight, and my two kids are absolute brats. I’m in a job I don’t like and I fight all the time with my wife. I dread getting out of bed every single day and I know I was meant for more. Beau, I ask you, how is this a rich life?

Thank you, Sir, for your candor, because what you just expressed is what a lot of people are probably feeling. You aren’t alone. About 10 years ago, I was coming out of a busted relationship and I had no money in the bank (yes, it even happens to financial planners.) I stared getting together with a friend once a week for lunch, and we would blame and complain and talk about everything that wasn’t going right. And after a while I realized, wow, there really is something to the saying, misery loves company. All those lunches, all those weeks, and we accomplished nothing. I finally got sick and tired of not getting anywhere, and I started looking for new friends who were doing the work to change what they didn’t like about their lives.

Do The Work

If you’re unhappy with what you have, you have to come up with a strategy or plan, and then you have to do the work. Having a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life on purpose is not easy, but it is possible with the right attitude and action. We have to do the work.

While we all find comfort in complaining and blaming other people, complaining isn’t doing the work, and blaming isn’t doing the work.

 If you are fighting with your wife, come up with better plan and do the work.

 If you’re unhappy with your physical health, feeling tired and sick all the time, come up with a better plan and do the work.

If your job isn’t meaningful or paying the bills, come up with a better plan, and do the work.

Motivation, inspiration and energy are great, but there’s a lot of people who are motivated and inspired who never reach their goals. The difference maker is doing the work.

If you put a log next to one that is already burning brightly, that log will catch fire a lot more quickly. Hang around other people who are passionate, encouraging, and doing the work. Making just one change can ignite a spark of motivation and get you moving in the right direction.

Bottom line: Come up with a better plan, and do the work.

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